Course information

Course Title: Clinical Oncology

Head of the Department: Prof. Piotr Wysocki (

Coordinator /contact: Kamil Konopka M.D. (

Address: Oncology Department at the University Hospital, Śniadeckich Street 10, 2nd floor
Theoretical classes will take place at various locations, as per schedule below.

Conduct/Dress Code:

  • White coat, stethoscopes, students’ ID
  • Please bring laptops/tablets for PBL classes.

Student’s Evaluation:

  • credit requirements: Attendance in the lectures and workshops (optional), attendance in seminars and exercises (obligatory) + clinical presentations prepared by students (SAES, obligatory)
  • attendance requirements: 1 day of absence during the whole course is allowed
  • type of the final exam: Test (50 questions)
  • retake information: MCQ is planned on the last day of the course

Course agenda:

20 NOV – 1 DEC 2017 – M3 Oncology

27 NOV – 1 DEC 20175-6 Oncology 17-18 group 3


  • Joanna Streb
  • Łukasz Kwinta
  • Agnieszka Słowik
  • Paweł Potocki
  • Agnieszka Przywara
  • Anna Buda-Nowak
  • Iwona Łaksa
  • Małgorzata Bolek-Górska
  • Andrzej Chmiel